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land disposition and development

Specializing in Land Disposition and Development services, Drake Realty Group possesses an exceptional understanding of the complex factors that determine and drive successful land brokerage transactions for any combination of single or mixed ‘end uses’ including complex mixed use development projects. Our approach is distinctly unique in our industry and involves several ‘key’ advisory components that allow our clients to maximize their yield and transaction price to the best Buyers, Developers and investors in the Country. We provide solution based thinking on the front end that is coupled with a detailed development site assessment and internal due diligence that we provide for our clients, before we take their property to market. This approach helps to ensure the best market response, qualified and targeted buyers and a smoother transaction at the best price.

Creating the Best Strategy for Disposition of Property

Our team of experts meticulously analyze the current conditions surrounding our client’s properties, including but not limited to, financial, ‘highest and best use’, market comps, potential densities, rents, demographics, psychographics, market trends, political and development, and more, in order to understand current site restrictions / conditions, and build these into our assessments so we can create the best action plan going forward. It is our belief, with careful planning, teamwork, and timely execution, the strategy that best serves the disposition of our clients properties is a well thought out prospective development plan & solutions on the front end addressing any issues, prior to taking the property to the open market. This requires a detailed understanding on our part of the financial and development underwriting and all the variables the best developers and investors will look for in order to underwrite to the highest yields.

mixed use property under development

At Drake Realty Group we are constantly involved with evolving factors such as zoning and regulatory issues, demographic and traffic patterns, new development activity and overall political and economic trends of properties in various cities and submarkets. Expanding on the fundamentals of our approach, we have aligned ourselves and work with many of the top land use attorneys, civil engineers and architects across the country in an effort to achieve the best end results for every land disposition project we represent. Each project and land use opportunity is different and requires a pre-development, highest and best use marketing approach. By creating a specific strategy and highest and best use analysis on the front end of the project, we determine strategic methods to maximize value. In many cases we have been able to add millions of dollars to the bottom line disposition prices for our clients with proven techniques and a keen eye for details. Read a land disposition services case study here.

multi family land disposition

Drake Realty Group’s marketing platform and land disposition work ethic provides an unprecedented level of market exposure on a national platform coupled with a detailed understanding of the property from a development and or repositioning perspective. Whether your properties value could be enhanced with the assemblage of adjacent properties, or we identify your property as a ‘mixed use’ project with a combination of office, retail, hotel and residential ‘end uses’, Drake Realty Group’s precise marketing strategies match the highest and best use’ of your property to the most experienced and well capitalized Buyers, Developers and Investors in the country.

Land Disposition and Development Services:

  • Perform ‘Highest and best use analysis’ for market purchase price thresholds for each ‘Use’.
  • Market Trend research and Property Comps Analysis.
  • Market research and analysis of the subject property, i.e., competing sites and market demand.
  • Broker Opinion of Value.
  • Identify Tier 1 Developers, Buyers and Investors for highest yield and efficiency to Close.
  • Front end engineering, development site assessment and internal due diligence review.
  • Create effective offering memorandum / sales packages to present to the Marketplace on a local and national platform.
  • Demographics and psychographic reports of the trade area, traffic counts around the property and employment base research for prospective Buyers.
  • Face-to-face presentations to select targeted end user, developers, investors.
  • Address land use restrictions & zoning on the Property and solutions for same.
  • Land planning and massing studies of the developable area of the site for density analysis, FAR analysis and proper mix of uses in conjunction with adequate open space requirements for both the current zoning and future re-zoning of the property.
  • Facilitate meetings, discussions and action plans regarding site constraints between Seller and Buyer, Civil Engineers and Land Development Attorney.
  • Ground lease and pad site analysis for future development and cash flow returns.
  • Economic and financial analysis of the development alternatives and future asset appreciation.
  • Joint Venture benefits analysis.
  • LOI and contract negotiations from execution to closing.
  • Contract and development milestone management (timeline spreadsheets) for Buyer and Seller to ensure details and deadlines are met by both Buyer and Seller.
  • Detailed closing statement review and analysis.

For more information about how Drake Realty Group can assist with your land disposition needs, contact us at 713-627-0555.

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